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RANARIVELO Njakarinala

Assistant de Recherche - Doctorant

  • Chimie des produits naturels
  • Phytochimie
  • Contrôle qualité

Publications/ Communications

  1. Antiplasmodial and cytotoxic activities of Catatia cordata Humbert (Asteraceae) and Symphonia eugenioides Baker (Clusiaceae), two endemic plants of Madagascar.

Ranarivelo N., Mamede L., Hamann C., Ouattara S., Rakotoarivelo H., Rakotoarisoa M., Razafintsalama V., Rakotonandrasana S., Frédérich M. (2022). Poster. 70th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA), August 28 – 31, 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  1. Cellular Antioxidant and Peroxidase Inhibition Activities of Decoctions from Different Parts of Triclisia gilletii (De Wild) Staner (Menispermaceae).

Mutwale Kapepula P., Trésor O.J., Ranarivelo N., Ange Mouithys-Mickalad A., Franck T., Kawayidiko M.K., Mpanzu A.D., Frédérich M., Kabamba N.N., Tsobo C.M. (2022). Pharmacognosy Communications, 12(3) 103 – 108.

  1. Isolated conpounds and bioactivity screening of extracts from three endemic species to Madagascar belonging to Hyperacanthus genus (Rubiaceae).

Ranarivelo N. (2022). Communication orale. CIRM Day 2022, February 2nd, 2022, University of Liège, Liège, Belgium.

  1. Pentas longiflora (Rubiaceae), a plant used in the treatment of Pityriasis Versicolor in Rwanda : Chemical composition and standardization of leaves and roots.

Kagisha V., Marini Djang’Eing’a R., Muganga R., Bonnet O., Jansen O., Tomani J.C., Ranarivelo N., Ledoux A., Nyirimigabo A., Frederich M. (2021). Fitoterapia, 153, p. 104974.

  1. Screening of 61 plant extracts endemic in Madagascar for anti-cryptosporidial activity: CC-qPCR. Approach.

Razafintsalama V.E., Randriamialinoro F., Costa D., Diawara El-H.I., Rasolofomanana R.J., Ranarivelo L., Ranarivelo N., Ralambonirina Rasoarivelo T.S., Andrianjakaniaina M., Rakotoarivelo H., Rakotoarisoa M.A., Razanatseheno M.S., Ranaivoarisoa R. Rakotoarison R., Favennec L., Ratsimbason A.M., Razakandrainibe R. (2019). Poster. 7e journée International Giardia and Cryptosporidium Conference, 23 au 26 Juin 2019, Rouen, France.

  1. Triterpenoid and steroid coumponds isolated from leaves of Hyperacanthus thouvenotii (Rubiaceae), endemic plant from Madagascar.

Ranarivelo N., Randriamialinoro F., Rakotondrafara A., Rakotonandrasana S., Michel S., Deguin B., Vérité P., Ratsimbason M., Ranarivelo L., Rasoarahona J., Ralambonirina S., Frédérich M. (2019). Poster. Phytoday 2019, 4th edition, May 17th, Brussels, Belgium.


  1. Triterpénoïdes et stéroïdes isolés des feuilles de Hyperacanthus thouvenotii (Rubiaceae), une plante endémique de Madagascar.

Ranarivelo N., Randriamialinoro F., Rakotondrafara A., Michel S., Deguin B., Ranarivelo L., Frédérich M, Rasoarahona J., Ralambonirina S. (2018). Poster. Colloque Qualité et Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (QVPA), 25 – 26 Septembre 2018, Antananarivo, Madagascar.

  1. Investigation of content of Panda oleosa (Pierre), a plant used in Kisangani areas for its antihyperglycemic activity.

Muhoya F.K., Kadima J.N., Ranarivelo N., Frédérich M., Hubert P., et Djang’ eing’ a R.M. (2017). Poster. 5th Annual International Scientific Conference Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA) and 2nd Rwanda Biotechnology Conference, October 04th – 06th 2017, Kigali, Rwanda.

  1. Le recours aux plantes médicinales à Madagascar.

Ranarivelo N. (2017). Communication orale. Colloque du PACODEL : « Médecines en Afrique, entre Tradition et Modernité », 10 novembre 2017, Liège, Belgique.

  1. Preliminary Phytochemical Content and Antidiabetic Potential Investigations of Panda oleosa (Pierre) Used in Kisangani Areas.

Muhoya F.K., Kadima J.N., Ranarivelo N., Frédérich M., Hubert P. et Djang’ eing’ a R.M. (2017). American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 8, 564 – 581.


  1. Activités Antibactérienne et Antioxydante de Trois Espèces de Hyperacanthus (Rubiaceae) Endémiques de Madagascar.

Ranarivelo N., Ralambonirina S., Ranarivelo L., Razafintsalama V., Randriamialinoro F., Payet B., Petit T., Rakotonandrasana S., Rakotondrafara A., Rakotondrajaona R., Ratsimbason M. (2014). Poster. Les 4èmes Journées Scientifiques QualiREG 2014, 24 – 28 novembre 2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar.




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